Should eat dried shrimp?

(Knowledge) – Shrimps and shrimps provide a significant amount of protein, especially in dried shrimp, protein is much higher than fresh shrimp, beef. Specifically in the research results of the Central Institute for Hygiene and Epidemiology and Institute of Technical Studies dress, in the 100g of beef only 17.6g of protein, 100g of lean pork has 18.6g of protein, 100g of fresh shrimp There are 76.9g of water, 18.4g of protein, 1.8g of lipids … Particularly dry shrimp has a very high protein content, which is said to be the highest in all foods. According to research, 100g of dried shrimp has up to 75.6g of protein, not to mention other micronutrients higher than that of fresh shrimp, beef or pork. Besides, mineral salts, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc are also high.

According to nutritionist Nguyen Thanh Ha, the dried shrimps have a high specific protein content such that when dried or dried, the water in the shrimp evaporates, the remaining ingredients will increase more than three times, Nitrogen in dry shrimp will account for nearly 70%, meaning that every 100g of dried shrimp has nearly 70g of protein. Calculation of the Institute of Nutrition Vietnam with an adult weighing 80kg only need to eat nearly 1 pound of shrimp is excess of protein requirements in a day. Because of the high nutrient content, you can use dried shrimp to prepare food daily. However, careful selection should avoid buying dried shrimps, dried shrimps and molds damaged health damage. For dried shrimp, when choosing to buy should observe the shape, color, taste outside to determine whether the shrimp or not.


Dried shrimp are usually pink to light pink, light, not pale or black. If the shrimp is dried whole shell must be whole, not crushed. If the shrimp is dry without head, it must be raw, no crumbs, no worms, molds, tasty natural taste of dried shrimp, no odor strange. Currently, there are many types of shrimps, shrimps made of plastic, rubber shrimps have the same shape and color as normal shrimps, so to avoid buying these kinds of shrimps, you can try using them. fire burn shrimp. If it burns, fumes black and has an unusual smell, then do not buy. The smell of dried shrimp is very fragrant, do not need to put near the nose but just to dry shrimp on hand is the smell of attractive shrimp dried. There is no smell of rubber, the smell of plastic or the strange smell of fake shrimp. You can also use your hand to crack the shrimp. If the shrimp is made from rubber or plastic, it will be difficult to do because this type of shrimp is hard and hard to handle than the normal dried shrimp. With dried shrimps natural, shrimp body will be slightly tough when dry, can separate the body of shrimp by hand.