The process of producing dried snakehead fish

Dry snakehead fish

Choose snakehead fish
Selection of fresh snakehead fish, alive. Not selected but the fish died long, light color, opaque (dry will not taste good and smelly “bad”).
Make fish
Make snake fish thoroughly. Scabs, abdominal excision, cut off and removed but not used.
Soak salt water and rinse thoroughly to remove mucus on the fish body.
Cut off the head, bones and cut the fish to the desired shape. Use a knife cut on the fish body to spice easily seep into the marinade.
Marinate the fish
Use curry powder to make a pale red. Absolutely no chemical pigments harmful to health.
Use traditional spices such as sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, garlic, fish sauce, … to marinate fish. ⇒ To ensure the safety of our health when eating.
Absolutely do not use benton or any other preservatives to marinate snakehead fish. ⇒ Advantages: good for health; Disadvantages: difficult to store, easy to dispose. ⇒ Should be put in the refrigerator.
Leave enough time to spice the fish. In the meantime, stir frequently to spice up the meat.
Choose where to have good sun to dry.
Spread dry out so that the sun can be evenly exposed to the dry surface. Frequent sun exposure to dry both sides.
Continue drying for at least 3 days until the fish reaches dryness.
>> In the process of drying, we always put the problem of hygiene as the head to produce the fish snack products as delicious and safe as possible.

How to preserve dried snakehead fish

 dried Snakehead salted fish

Because we do not use preservatives, we can not stay long in the environment like many other products. Because dried snakehead fish is organic, it is easy to mold in dry, dry environment and dry and dry.

⇒ We always encourage customers to store in refrigerators or freezers for long term use.